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Hi, this John Manfreda aka Freedol, I will be bloging about Economics, finance, politics, and the news. Currently this blog is under construction. But don’t worry my hard hitting, pull no punches style of commentary will be up and running soon. So stay tuned for the best, hardest hitting, most bad ass commentary you will ever see. Thanks for reading my blog.

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  1. ReplyC Manfreda

    I hope the info you publish on your blog is correct and has been checked by - that will make it most informative. Good Luck!

    • Replyadmin

      All my stuff is backed up by statistical and numerical data based research

  2. ReplyAJGIII

    O Boy! I just can not wait!! It's about time we stick some wood to all those bleeding heart librals and socialist blowhards!

    • Replyadmin

      I will do my best

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