Capitalist China and the USSA

Last night as the Packers were crowned Super Bowl champs of the world, Aaron Rodgers was presented the world heavyweight championship belt. If one were to look at the 20th century, the heavyweight economic champion of the world was clearly the United States of America.

The Economic Heavyweight Champion of the world, became that way, because if was a society that was based off of rugged individualism with free market principles.

How did America, a once mighty nation, become reduced to economic chaos. Easy, America has lost its way. It’s no longer a nation built off of rugged individualism, but it’s now based off of a collectivist state. All you have to do is look what’s been happening over the years. During the great depression, FDR introduced Welfare and Social Security, instead of people having to plan for their own retirements, the government is now doing it for them. Instead of having to work, the government is now acting like their nanny. In the 60’s the government than introduced Medicaid and Medicare, instead of telling people they have to work harder, and become more motivated, and save their money for a rainy day, the government told them they will fix it for them. By the way, Medicaid and welfare is such a waste of money, these are young able body people, and they should be made to provide for themselves.

The US government also enacted the department of education, department of energy, we have extended unemployment drastically; Americans can no longer suck it up, put on their work boots, and fix their own problems. By the way before the US government created the department of education, we had the no.1 school system in the world, now we don’t even place or show. Before the US government created the department of energy we only imported 50% of our energy, now we import over 70%.

Because of these social programs and new government agencies, taxes are now higher than ever. We use to not have an income tax, now were the highest taxed nation in the world. Since the 1960’s, the US has passed 30 new regulations. We are now becoming the USSA (United Socialist States of America).

Nothing can be more evident of this, than last year’s health care debate. Supposedly there were forty million people uninsured. They were screaming that they need health care, instead of the government telling them what they need to hear, which is, you are young able body working people, find it yourself; they were told, okay we will throw you another carrot. When Businesses and banks failed, instead of telling them tough luck you had a bad business model, now you have to suffer the consequences of running a bad a business model, we bail them out instead; people lose their jobs, they now get unemployment for 99 weeks instead of the normal rate. Americans can no longer suck it up. Rugged individualism in America, is now dead.

As a result, America went from being the largest creditor nation in the world, to the largest debtor nation in the history of the world. American citizens no longer have sufficient savings, and are up to their eyeballs in debt. Prices have gone through the roof, the value of the dollar has dropped drastically, manufacturing and industry have left the US, entrepreneurship is dying, and things don’t look good for the foreseeable future in the US. Taxes, regulations, an ever growing government, and social programs have destroyed the US economy.

On the other hand, the eastern hemisphere of the world is embracing capitalism, while the West, especially America, is running from it. My favorite saying is this one, China is giving communism a good name, because their claiming their communist, however, their running their economy like capitalist; meanwhile the US is claiming that their capitalist, but are running their economy like communist.

In China, there is no SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), there is no social security, Medicaid, Medicare, welfare, none of that. In China, if you don’t work, you don’t get paid, it’s that simple. China has free markets, while in America, everything is so heavily regulated you can’t get anything done. In fact, my dad made a comment the other day, that when setting up one of my brother’s close friend’s business in China, he said that it was a breeze. China also has lower taxes, and their businesses are far less regulated than the US ones are. Not only that, but China is encouraging their citizens to save their money, while the US is telling their citizens to spend it like drunken sailors.

Now most people think that the reason China is eating our lunch right now is because they have slave wages that America can’t compete with. Contrary to popular belief that isn’t the case at all. The real reason their eating our lunch is that the China is embracing capitalism, while the US is running away from it. In fact, Germany and Japan have trade surpluses with China, while paying higher wages than we do. There are also countries that have cheaper labor costs than China, yet they don’t export anything.

The real reason that China is growing, while the US is declining, is that China is embracing Capitalism and free markets, while the US is running away from it. Also China is telling their citizens to save their money, while the US is trying to get them to spend it. China is becoming what the US use to be, and that is a nation that is based off of production, savings, and under consumption.

No matter what country, what hemisphere, or what continent an economic battle is fought in, it is Capitalism, that was, is, and always will, be the heavyweight champ of the world.

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      thanks, yeah you can do a link back to my blog.

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  2. ReplyDavid

    China has had some of the worst human rights abuses of all time, but capitalism seems to be fixing those problems. There is still a long way to go, but the free market is doing its job. Thank God for capitalism!

    • Replyadmin

      I agree with you, if I were in Charge of China their is a lot that I would fix. But in terms of economic freedom, their going in the right direction, while the US is going in the wrong direction. Hopefully America will rediscover its roots, and becomes Capitalist again.

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    Great post! I am curious as to who you feel has the best economic policy/mindset out of the 2012 Presidential field?

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      their a couple, I would say Bachmann is good, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Herman Cain, and their is a former governor from Indiana that looks pretty good too.

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